Fortune favors the brave

Since Battlefield Press was founded in 1964, being first has been our mantra.



In the 60s, we were among the first in Ontario to offer 4-colour printing. In the ‘90s, we led with digital printing and workflow technology. We were the only printer in Canada to offer 12-colour perfector printing in 2005. In 2016, we were the first in North America to print on a custom Heidelberg 7-colour UV press that can handle press sheets 41½ inches wide. It's no surprise that same year we were the first Canadian printer to win Sappi's Printer of the Year Award.


Third generation printer and Battlefield president, Jerry Theoret, jokes that he had ink in his diapers. Today, he is among the first on the planet to learn about innovations in printing technology and techniques as a NACCS member on Heidelberg’s board of directors.


But being first doesn’t matter to us unless it matters to you. We want to be the first place you come when you have an idea. The first people you ask when you have a problem. And the first to put a prototype in your hands.

If you can dream it, we’ve done it. Or we want to be the first to try.

First for speed

We can print UV strikethrough, spot varnish, complex multi-colour and other specialty jobs as if they were a simple 4-colour process piece, and our capacity is second to none.

First for ingenuity

Our R&D is completely client driven. Bring us an idea or sample and we’ll work with you and our suppliers until you’re happy, pushing our state-of-the-art presses to their limits—and maybe inventing a new process along the way.

First for quality

Our pre-flight, pre-press and QA processes mean we do it right the first time. The quality of our equipment and high standards for ink and specialty coatings means no one else can replicate our results. Seeing (and feeling) is believing.

First for sustainability

We’re taking care of the future, both in terms of investing in our business to ensure we’re around for the long-term and protecting the environment through industry-leading certifications. It’s a commitment to our clients and the planet.

First for service

We can take your offset print project from file to finished all under one roof, including specialty finishes, die-cutting, binding, and delivery to your end customer.

First for value

Take your creative to the next level without the cost, thanks to our decades of experience, industry-leading technology and smarts. We know just where to put the wow.

Want to work together?


Winning was a rush

We aren’t ones to enter award competitions, but being named Printer of the Year for our work on Art of Rush feels a lot like winning gold at the printing Olympics—in every event. Entries are judged for overall impact, degree of difficulty and technical excellence. Winners are named in 11 categories, from activated print to packaging, but only one printer takes home the Printer of the Year title.


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