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Battlefield Press is one of North America’s most experienced and technologically advanced full-service offset printers. From pre-press to pack-out, we handle every job under a single roof and usually in a single pass. 

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Get your concepts battle ready. Ready to wow your client. Ready to satisfy the number crunchers. Ready to beat the clock. Ready to crush the competition.

Your creative brilliance and our printing prowess.

Together, we can be ready for anything.

The Art of Rush


Art of Rush isn’t your typical book. It’s a retrospective of a world-renowned graphic artist, an homage to one of Canada’s greatest bands and an example of printing at its best.


“I have long enjoyed working with the remarkable team of expert printers and fabricators at Battlefield. Their attention to color fidelity and quality control, from prepress to printing and assembly, is nothing short of superb. We have continued to return (over the decades) to the leading-edge facilities at Battlefield to print the 32 page tour books for each of Rush’s concert tours."

Hugh Syme

Award-winning graphic artist and art director

Hudson’s Bay has worked many years with Battlefield. The company does very nice work and has great quality control. They meet the three key factors of being a successful printing company: service, delivery and price.”

C.E. (Ted) Mader

Sr. Manager, Procurement & Print - Hudson’s Bay Company

"Three decades. Wow! That’s how long I‘ve known and partnered with Jerry Theoret and Battlefield Graphics. Many things have changed through the years for both Buffalo Games and Battlefield, but some things never do. Today, just like in 1986 when I first shook Jerry’s hand and started doing business with Battlefield, I know he and his team will be there for us on every order. Jerry thinks of business in one way: Win - Win!"

Paul Dedrick

Founder - Buffalo Games


We don’t get out of bed every morning to do the same old thing. We want a challenge—a project that pushes our technical and creative limits. The possibilities are endless. Let us inspire you.

Sappi Printer of the Year 2016

The Printer of the Year award is widely regarded as the most respected achievement in printed communications in the world. We were the first Canadian printer to win it.

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